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Avoid water

Avoid excessive amounts of water such as rain, bathtubs, sinks, and jacuzzis. If your leather does get wet, help prevent damage by wiping off all excess water, letting it dry thoroughly, and applying leather conditioner.

Keep it conditioned

Always condition after cleaning leather to keep it from drying out or as needed to keep it hydrated. Avoid over conditioning and do not condition the suede.
Conditioning your leather may darken the color.

Cleaning the hard side

Clean the hard leather as needed with a gentle leather glycerin soap such as white saddle soap. You may also use other gentle leather cleaners.

Cleaning the suede

Generally speaking, you should never use cleaners or conditioners on suede as it may ruin the nap. Instead, just brush the dirt and grime away with a horsehair brush or suede cleaning brush. You may apply suede protector spray if you wish.


Always store your leather in a dry and temperate area. Idealy put it in a breathable organic fabric such as linen or felt.